Monday, 14 February 2011

Maya Texturing

We were givena cereal box and had to apply a material to it as best asd possible.

Saturday, 12 February 2011

New Project: The SketchBook


Kathy gave us a new project today. It is a sketch book project and I am quite looking forward to it. i did not get a very good grave on the previous sketch book project because I did not answer the briefs, as a result the grade does not reflect my drawing ability. For this project I will make sure I put int he time but we have so much work its unbelievable. Time to get my head down. Before the lesson ended I managed to take a look at an old book that contained the illustration of a German (or was it Russin) illustrator that experiments with scale. I could not help but take photographs of the work. It is inspiring.

After Effects: Lights and Cameras

Im pretty confident about using after effects. In a lesson last meek were were asked to experiment with cameras and light in After Effects CS5. I created this using an image of earth, and image of the moon, a lens flair effect, the particle playground plugin for the stars in the background and two lights (one behind the earth and one behind the came illuminating the moon) and manipulating them all in 3D space. This is the end result. The only problem is the earths seems to flicker. I never notices until I uploaded (I know) but its must have been the way I keyframes the lights. Another lesson learnt.