Sunday, 30 October 2011

Animation Production: Week 5 Plan

I am looking at our production schedule and then at the length of our semester. I am reminded that even though we are only one month into the second year of university we are already 4 weeks in to a 10 week term that is almost half way. Taking a look back at what we have done in 4 weeks and it does not feel enough.

I really need to step my game up. I have been late and missed a few lectures in week 4 Through on Friday I did have lunch with Floella Benjamin and was invited to the opening of a new building at Exeter main campus. Off the record their campus is nice than ours. Hands down. We cannot compete. I made some very useful contact at the launch event but Floella has warned me that the industry will be easy.

 Assign Production Roles: 

  • develop script with for team to look over and edit.
  • look into sound resources, royalty free sound, making own own sounds.
  • Test water simulation, organic modelling (trees), rigging (character setup).
  • look into visual style.
  • put together some photos/ illustrations for a mood board.
  • look for inspiration outside of animation and photography too.
  • continue with character design for Hero, Old Woman and Tribesman/ Chief. 
  • keep an eye on Krissy's visual style but know that you have free roam.
  • look for inspiration outside of animation and photography too.

 Who want to be the Director?: 
I am asking Kirstianne and Jack who want to be the director. I am already producer and do not want to take on that task too. We will begin our rough storyboard on Monday afternoon/ Tuesday morning, as soon as the script has been finalised. I think Kirstianne showed the most interset in being the Director.

 Week 5 Omari's 'To Do List': 

Monday 31st October 2011 @11am:

- finalise script ("yes, yes, yes, no" placement)
- run final script by all lecturers
- assign director (Kirsty was most interested)
- director to assign storyboard work
- look into sound design/ royalty free (ask lecturers/ media centre desk)

Tuesday 1st November 2011 @?
- update 'pre-production schedule'
- begin 'production schedule'
- begin rough storyboard based on Kirstianne's direction.
- make 'shot sign off' list for animatic (layout/ sound/ timing)

Wednesday 2nd November @?:
- begin PDF presentation for Thursday over dropbox with team.
- finalize modd board
- Go over notes from Georg's rigging lecture.

 Thursday 3rd November @1pm: Animation Production Presentation: 
- Progress on 'Pre-Production Schedule' (1st semester) * (omari)
- Begin 'Production Schedule' (2nd semester) * (omari)
- Final script * (all)
- Rough Storyboard * (all)
- Rough Character Designs * (Jack)
- Mood board / visual style * (Krissy)
- Concept Art
- Sound (native american prayer song)
- Environment Sketches

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Animation Production: Story & Script

"A young boy dreams of
He decided to build himself a raft/ canoe to set out on his journey. After much trial and error and hilarious outcomes he gives up.
He is given a small canoe by one of the tribesmen and is reminded of the working together and sets o

Water = dreams/ ambitions
Earth = reality
Adolescence / coming of age

 Thursday 27th October Presentation: 

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Production Schedule

I can already tell being a producer is going to push me. There is so much to think about. Below is a screenshot of the production schedule draft. I have put in estimates for; Research, concept, story, script, mood board, story board/ layout, color script, R&D dynamic workshops, scratch track, character design, environment/ background design, character/ environment/ props model sheet, production bible, animatic/ 3D previs and a making of video. I will send all of this to out Andy so he can give us some feedback in case what I have put is unrealistic.

This is the first draft of our production schedule. It still need to be finalised.

Soon I will have to produce a smaller production schedule for story boarding as well as establish file standards, ensure we are all using the same software version to avoid compatibility, ask lecturers for dynamic work shops once we have decided how we will execute the peice and file naming conventions.

I have been established as producer and we are all working together to craft the story.We still need to define other roles such as director, art director ect, so we can create individual task lists so we each know what we are doing.

I have set up a dropbox account so we can shear files easily. Our methods of communication are facebook, calls and texts and e-mail with facebook and texts being primary while e-mail is secondary.

I have also been mulling over the idea of an entirely digital workflow throughout the process. There is not much need for paper. For example; concept art (photoshop) >> story board/ layout (photoshop) >> aniamtic (TVPaint/ Storyboard pro).

Friday, 14 October 2011

Animation Production: Research

The work below is is not mine. This the analysis and research of short animation pieces

SLM was created by a studio called Tendrill for a pitch for Funcheez SLM is is a character driven piece. It follows three humanoid characters that after pressing a button become the archetypal characters of genres, thrown into the three conflicts that most stories conform to; man vs man, man vs himself and man vs nature. The flat, horizontal composition of the characters was chosen because any use of depth here would result in a more dramatic composition, the flat, horizontal layout of the characters seem to lend itself well to the comedy of the piece. This piece work well because each time the button is pressed they characters are essentially thrown into a smaller story, or gag, while in the middle of a larger one. A story within a story. The characters press the button, seems to begin with peace, conflict is created, before it can be resolved they press the button again. The audience know what will happen but wait for the conflict that is created in the scene.

The characters represent three different personalities; small, medium and large  (S/M/L) 

Man vs Man
Man vs Nature
Man vs Himself

'Heart' is by Jamie Caliri and is an advertisement for airline company. The piece makes use of a desaturates color palette and makes use of some interesting compositional choices. The use of texture within the piece something we discusses together as we would like to incorporate texture into our work as it can give it a more human touch. The thing to notice is how the story is communicated only through visual and music and that every shot either revela something about the characters or moves the story along.

Frame within the frame, central position of the characters and use of color 

Depth of field and use of shape. From this shot we know the two characters relationship and how they are connected.

The rule of theirs is used here in conjunction depth of field. Bird is symbolises her journey, freedom, 

The frame within the frame. The frame does not have to be the same as the window into the story it can be any shape that draws our eyes towards the focal point.
The frame within the frame of the camera is used again here.
This shot aslo conforms to the rule of thirds for more aesthetically pleasing composition as they near each other.

Stopover is a short animated film by Neil Stubbings. It caught my attention because of its use of textures and and unusual color palette. Notice the painterly, almost water color look they have. You can almost see the brush strokes which reminds me that I need to get my head around texture painting and UV mapping/ unwrapping.

The color palette and textures are what won me over.

This is the music video for 'Turn' form the band 'Amongst Giants' directed by Mark Wagner.

Friday, 7 October 2011

Animation Practice: Production Process

Today Andy gave us the project briefing for the Animation Practice Project. This first session he went over the production process and gave us a guide/ timeline. I think having a year to do this project over three semesters will put us in good stead for 3rd year. I can't help but feel that the Pre-Production class will be better prepared for the pre-production side of next year so thats is another reason for me to attend the Pre-Production lectures while attending Post Production. I am still undecided but I will stick by my choice.

I am interested in taking on the role of producer as I think I would be very good at that. I would consider myself a very organised person and can lead a creative team as I do on Flex Student Newspaper. This year would help me to prepare for next year and I already have a few ideas for that.

Andy set the brief for the project which is, in a nutshell; "Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, No". I did not really know what to do with this at first but after having think it does not have to taken as the literal character dialogue. Its could be used a 'narrative divice' and could easily be worked into 60-90 second story.

Having just seen the learning space my team is Kirstianne Wells and Jack Donoghue. I am pleased with this team as these are two people have never considered working with but produce work to a high standard. I look forward to working with them. Click on their names for a link to their blogs.

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Back In Falmouth

I arrived back in Falmouth last week Sunday. Its good to be back as I have not really be up to much over the summer. All I have done was redesign the Flex Student Newspaper with my design team. You can see the work I have done 'here'. (its a long process).

Since I have been back I had an interview in ASDA on wednesday so I should be able to get work in my spare time. The hours are flexible and given the rent having a little extra cash will be nice so this is perfect. Also living in town makes thins so much easier, the only thing that will annoy me is the buses down here, they are no where near as on the ball as Birmingham. It was also nice to bump into old friends in Falmouth town.

Living with animators has been fine so far but we will see how this progresses the year goes on. Hopefully no one

I have been considering doing a year abroad during second term in Belgium. I am still in contact with a woman who runs the university Eramus scheme. I will let you know more as things progress.

On monday morning we have to be for 11am as we will be choosing our 2nd year pathways. I think I may stray towards post-production. (I really want to do both but you can't have it all.) I have a had a chat with a few people and they are more interested in post production, its not that easy as i don't really know what I am good at yet. I am eager to get started and really looking forward to second year as I feel I learnt so much last year.