Saturday, 1 October 2011

Back In Falmouth

I arrived back in Falmouth last week Sunday. Its good to be back as I have not really be up to much over the summer. All I have done was redesign the Flex Student Newspaper with my design team. You can see the work I have done 'here'. (its a long process).

Since I have been back I had an interview in ASDA on wednesday so I should be able to get work in my spare time. The hours are flexible and given the rent having a little extra cash will be nice so this is perfect. Also living in town makes thins so much easier, the only thing that will annoy me is the buses down here, they are no where near as on the ball as Birmingham. It was also nice to bump into old friends in Falmouth town.

Living with animators has been fine so far but we will see how this progresses the year goes on. Hopefully no one

I have been considering doing a year abroad during second term in Belgium. I am still in contact with a woman who runs the university Eramus scheme. I will let you know more as things progress.

On monday morning we have to be for 11am as we will be choosing our 2nd year pathways. I think I may stray towards post-production. (I really want to do both but you can't have it all.) I have a had a chat with a few people and they are more interested in post production, its not that easy as i don't really know what I am good at yet. I am eager to get started and really looking forward to second year as I feel I learnt so much last year.

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