Friday, 7 October 2011

Animation Practice: Production Process

Today Andy gave us the project briefing for the Animation Practice Project. This first session he went over the production process and gave us a guide/ timeline. I think having a year to do this project over three semesters will put us in good stead for 3rd year. I can't help but feel that the Pre-Production class will be better prepared for the pre-production side of next year so thats is another reason for me to attend the Pre-Production lectures while attending Post Production. I am still undecided but I will stick by my choice.

I am interested in taking on the role of producer as I think I would be very good at that. I would consider myself a very organised person and can lead a creative team as I do on Flex Student Newspaper. This year would help me to prepare for next year and I already have a few ideas for that.

Andy set the brief for the project which is, in a nutshell; "Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, No". I did not really know what to do with this at first but after having think it does not have to taken as the literal character dialogue. Its could be used a 'narrative divice' and could easily be worked into 60-90 second story.

Having just seen the learning space my team is Kirstianne Wells and Jack Donoghue. I am pleased with this team as these are two people have never considered working with but produce work to a high standard. I look forward to working with them. Click on their names for a link to their blogs.

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