Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Red Or Dead: Story, Location, Tasks

After the lecture Dekrek spoke to us about
Tom & Luke
Zuzana leaving
skype chats over easter

Monday, 12 March 2012

Red Or Dead: Progress & Location Scouting

We had a meeting this morning at 12:00 and we basically went over the e-mail that Derek had sent out about the teams working on Red Or Dead. We were please our team had been chosen but we were told the story needed to be made solid as well as more crazy and irreverent. Derek also suggested bringing the Prince a lot earlier as he was left until the very end of the story. 

We had a little brainstorming session the main this I wanted to go over were:
1) what would be live action, CGI, 2D After Effects, 2D Nuke,  2D Cutout, matte painting, etc.
2) Location; where will we shoot? falmouth? penryn? truro? further?
3) Actors; what performance students do we know what would be suitable? nationality?
4) Set tasks for rest of week and schedule next meeting.

Most of these we got through today. We also made a trip to one of the potential shooting locations that Megan had and below are some of the photos we took that could be used. But we still have a few other places to look on campus and further from Falmouth.


Friday, 9 March 2012

Animation Production: More Changes

Jack's rough story boards

Jack's rough story boards

The progress i have made so far with the models
Textures kirsty gave me to test in renders.

During the lecture we showed them the above image as an idea for the visual style. It is the work of Tony Abeyta, a Native American painter. The absolutely loved it and thought this was the direction we would have to go in. This means everything above except the storyboard goes out the window. We have to redesign the characters to suit this style. So its back to the drawing board again. I am finding it a little frustrating as we only have 10 weeks left, plus with me going off to China over easter, it wont be easy.

Red Or Dead: Pitch Presentation

The idea we came up with in some of our meetings

Once we finalised the story Elliot worked on a rough story board.

Story board by Elliot

Story board by Elliot

Models by Teddy

Monday, 5 March 2012

Post Production & Red or Dead: Progress

In Post Production Georg went over the different type of physics simulations. They usually come under Particle, hair, cloth, fluids, rigid body dynamics, soft body dynamics and muscle dynamic systems.
When creating physics based simulation he he avised us on the process of first researching by looking at the real word behavior, then using maya help, official software blogs, books and google tutorials.


Today we were able to finalise our story and set out tasks for things to show on Thursday.

Cannon 5D MK II Workflow Issues:
(add link)

How to Use Video Mode On The Cannon 5D MK II:
(add link)

Tasks for this week:
Finalise Story: All
Storyboard & Animatic: Elliot >> as soon as this is done I can make productions schedule
Mood Board: Elliot & Megan
Location Scout: Elliot & Megan >> as soon as we have location we can make shot schedule
Vintage Photos: Teddy
Unicorn Model/ Rigg: Teddy
Cannon 5D Workflow Test: Omari & Suzanna
Building Sets/ 2D Look Dev Test: All >> build as much in camera as possible

What we are going to show on Thursday:

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Cinematography & Animation Production & Start Of Dakota Model

Today we had cinematography with Frankie in which he went over the difference between focus rack/ focus pull and defocus. Frankie is very good an I look forward to the cinematography lessons with him.
Unfortunately I did not take pictures but I found the session very useful.

After cinematography I began the character model of the second character for our animation production project. I feel I have a better understanding of edge flow and have found a way I feel most comfortable doing face modelling. Admittedly he looks a little alien at the moment but once I reach the details he will achieve a simpler stylized look of the illustration below.
original illustration

early phase of model

Testing mirroring one half.

Face model so far.

Friday, 2 March 2012

Red Or Dead Meeting

Production Process:


Mood Board: Elliot & Megan
Location Scout: All / Elliot & Megan
Production Schedules: Omari
Animation Tests: Omari & Teddy
Rough Script: Omari
Carousel Model: Teddy
Video Inspiration: Suzanna
Test Shots: Suzanna
Reference Material: All

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Animation Production: Changes & Progress

Changes To Make:

Story: Too epic, simplify.
Characters; Too realistic, simplify.
Visual Style: Research had a lot of cultural references but none seemed to make it though the development work.

jacks rough storybaord

To Do:
Omari: new production schedule, 3d previz, character models
Kirsty: visual style, texture libary
Jack: storyboard, aniamatic
All: reference material, archery, forest

start of previs based on jacks storybaords 


simpler version of chiefs face for maya model

Feedback from Luke Jeffery in Digital Animation Studio