Monday, 29 April 2013

Hook, Line & Stinker Lighting


"Do you realise what you've done!?"




I will have to re-render the eyes and mouth as the textures on these are not correct.

Screen Shot 2013-04-30 at 02.12.35

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Animation Production Update

On Monday The Hook, Line Stinker core team; me, seb, Freddy and Luke spent pretty much the whole of Monday doing what should be the final voice recordings for son and fisherman character. I will anticipate the need to re-record dialogue after the fact.
It was my job to organise the sound files and then send them to ben so he can hit the ground running. Ass Ben is ill he has not been able to help us yet but i hope he will be able to jump on board mid week.
I want Ben to produce a new edit of the animatic with the bare minimum shots we need to tell the story. I think realistically we know we can't get 86 odd shots out the door by the deadline so we need to cut. The plan would be to come back to the other shots after the deadline.
Tedy has been working on the rig for the Merman creature but I literally have not seen anything from him in several weeks. I was hoping to see something form him over the easter break but he did not get in touch with me. He is working all this week but should have the rif finished by tomorrow Wednesday 10th April.
Phoebe gave us the textures for the Fisherman and Boat today and they are both looking brilliant. The easter break has taken its toll because she is at home this week when our core team is back. The issue is that we needed textures off her a while a go. To add insult to injury she does not have an internet connection at home so feedback and communication were an issue.

I met Lydia in the afternoon and we had a chat about Dear Nana. We just started to assign people new work in an effort to move the project forward. Below are the brilliant cars Lydia modeld in a card board cut out style. All I did was some very simple lighting; just a surface shader with some final gather to 

This week the studio opening times are also a small irritation. We were kicked out of the studio today because over the easter break the opening hours are shorter. Luckily for us this will end next week and we will be back to the midnight opening hours. I plan to try to meet Peter Hooper from the Media Centre to see if we can get the studio open on Saturdays until 9pm or midnight as well as Sundays. Along with this we need to chase up IT about getting computer off the IT network so they dont log out at 3am while we are rendering.

Problem Meet Solution

Title: Infinitus Artificium
Length: 2:48
Format: 2D & 3D

We return on Monday 15th April after the easter break at which point we only have 5 weeks left until the deadline. Below is my estimate of the quotas we will have to fill if we are to get the shots complete

Monday Morning Meetings:
2 x 2D animators producing 2 shots each per week (Lauren & Alex Barnes) 6 days per week
1 x 3D animators producing 2 shots each per week (Sean Bone) 6 days per week
2 x Nuke Compositors 2 weeks (Sean Bone & Omari McCarthy) 6 days per week
Composer/ Musicians Recording/ Deadline: Thursday 25th April @5pm

Hook, Line & Stinker:

Cut animatic down.
Identify the key storytelling shots then work on these first keeping the shot numbers the same. The current animatic is just under 4 mins long. As I see it we will not render 4mins in 5 weeks. We aim to produce the bare minmum - the reduced edit - and work from that. After the deadline we can come back and work ont he rest.

Water Simulation:
Assign Josh Bainbridge to give water simulation test. If he is ha

Render "Hero" Shot:
This will more than likely come down to me (including lighting). Even if we do not have a water yet just work without it. We need to have a shot to aim for.

Work from X Drive:
For ease of use the project file should be copied to the X Drive. We will back it up at the end of each day.