Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Problem Meet Solution

Title: Infinitus Artificium
Length: 2:48
Format: 2D & 3D

We return on Monday 15th April after the easter break at which point we only have 5 weeks left until the deadline. Below is my estimate of the quotas we will have to fill if we are to get the shots complete

Monday Morning Meetings:
2 x 2D animators producing 2 shots each per week (Lauren & Alex Barnes) 6 days per week
1 x 3D animators producing 2 shots each per week (Sean Bone) 6 days per week
2 x Nuke Compositors 2 weeks (Sean Bone & Omari McCarthy) 6 days per week
Composer/ Musicians Recording/ Deadline: Thursday 25th April @5pm

Hook, Line & Stinker:

Cut animatic down.
Identify the key storytelling shots then work on these first keeping the shot numbers the same. The current animatic is just under 4 mins long. As I see it we will not render 4mins in 5 weeks. We aim to produce the bare minmum - the reduced edit - and work from that. After the deadline we can come back and work ont he rest.

Water Simulation:
Assign Josh Bainbridge to give water simulation test. If he is ha

Render "Hero" Shot:
This will more than likely come down to me (including lighting). Even if we do not have a water yet just work without it. We need to have a shot to aim for.

Work from X Drive:
For ease of use the project file should be copied to the X Drive. We will back it up at the end of each day.

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