Monday, 12 March 2012

Red Or Dead: Progress & Location Scouting

We had a meeting this morning at 12:00 and we basically went over the e-mail that Derek had sent out about the teams working on Red Or Dead. We were please our team had been chosen but we were told the story needed to be made solid as well as more crazy and irreverent. Derek also suggested bringing the Prince a lot earlier as he was left until the very end of the story. 

We had a little brainstorming session the main this I wanted to go over were:
1) what would be live action, CGI, 2D After Effects, 2D Nuke,  2D Cutout, matte painting, etc.
2) Location; where will we shoot? falmouth? penryn? truro? further?
3) Actors; what performance students do we know what would be suitable? nationality?
4) Set tasks for rest of week and schedule next meeting.

Most of these we got through today. We also made a trip to one of the potential shooting locations that Megan had and below are some of the photos we took that could be used. But we still have a few other places to look on campus and further from Falmouth.


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