Monday, 5 March 2012

Post Production & Red or Dead: Progress

In Post Production Georg went over the different type of physics simulations. They usually come under Particle, hair, cloth, fluids, rigid body dynamics, soft body dynamics and muscle dynamic systems.
When creating physics based simulation he he avised us on the process of first researching by looking at the real word behavior, then using maya help, official software blogs, books and google tutorials.


Today we were able to finalise our story and set out tasks for things to show on Thursday.

Cannon 5D MK II Workflow Issues:
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How to Use Video Mode On The Cannon 5D MK II:
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Tasks for this week:
Finalise Story: All
Storyboard & Animatic: Elliot >> as soon as this is done I can make productions schedule
Mood Board: Elliot & Megan
Location Scout: Elliot & Megan >> as soon as we have location we can make shot schedule
Vintage Photos: Teddy
Unicorn Model/ Rigg: Teddy
Cannon 5D Workflow Test: Omari & Suzanna
Building Sets/ 2D Look Dev Test: All >> build as much in camera as possible

What we are going to show on Thursday:

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