Sunday, 16 October 2011

Production Schedule

I can already tell being a producer is going to push me. There is so much to think about. Below is a screenshot of the production schedule draft. I have put in estimates for; Research, concept, story, script, mood board, story board/ layout, color script, R&D dynamic workshops, scratch track, character design, environment/ background design, character/ environment/ props model sheet, production bible, animatic/ 3D previs and a making of video. I will send all of this to out Andy so he can give us some feedback in case what I have put is unrealistic.

This is the first draft of our production schedule. It still need to be finalised.

Soon I will have to produce a smaller production schedule for story boarding as well as establish file standards, ensure we are all using the same software version to avoid compatibility, ask lecturers for dynamic work shops once we have decided how we will execute the peice and file naming conventions.

I have been established as producer and we are all working together to craft the story.We still need to define other roles such as director, art director ect, so we can create individual task lists so we each know what we are doing.

I have set up a dropbox account so we can shear files easily. Our methods of communication are facebook, calls and texts and e-mail with facebook and texts being primary while e-mail is secondary.

I have also been mulling over the idea of an entirely digital workflow throughout the process. There is not much need for paper. For example; concept art (photoshop) >> story board/ layout (photoshop) >> aniamtic (TVPaint/ Storyboard pro).

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