Sunday, 30 October 2011

Animation Production: Week 5 Plan

I am looking at our production schedule and then at the length of our semester. I am reminded that even though we are only one month into the second year of university we are already 4 weeks in to a 10 week term that is almost half way. Taking a look back at what we have done in 4 weeks and it does not feel enough.

I really need to step my game up. I have been late and missed a few lectures in week 4 Through on Friday I did have lunch with Floella Benjamin and was invited to the opening of a new building at Exeter main campus. Off the record their campus is nice than ours. Hands down. We cannot compete. I made some very useful contact at the launch event but Floella has warned me that the industry will be easy.

 Assign Production Roles: 

  • develop script with for team to look over and edit.
  • look into sound resources, royalty free sound, making own own sounds.
  • Test water simulation, organic modelling (trees), rigging (character setup).
  • look into visual style.
  • put together some photos/ illustrations for a mood board.
  • look for inspiration outside of animation and photography too.
  • continue with character design for Hero, Old Woman and Tribesman/ Chief. 
  • keep an eye on Krissy's visual style but know that you have free roam.
  • look for inspiration outside of animation and photography too.

 Who want to be the Director?: 
I am asking Kirstianne and Jack who want to be the director. I am already producer and do not want to take on that task too. We will begin our rough storyboard on Monday afternoon/ Tuesday morning, as soon as the script has been finalised. I think Kirstianne showed the most interset in being the Director.

 Week 5 Omari's 'To Do List': 

Monday 31st October 2011 @11am:

- finalise script ("yes, yes, yes, no" placement)
- run final script by all lecturers
- assign director (Kirsty was most interested)
- director to assign storyboard work
- look into sound design/ royalty free (ask lecturers/ media centre desk)

Tuesday 1st November 2011 @?
- update 'pre-production schedule'
- begin 'production schedule'
- begin rough storyboard based on Kirstianne's direction.
- make 'shot sign off' list for animatic (layout/ sound/ timing)

Wednesday 2nd November @?:
- begin PDF presentation for Thursday over dropbox with team.
- finalize modd board
- Go over notes from Georg's rigging lecture.

 Thursday 3rd November @1pm: Animation Production Presentation: 
- Progress on 'Pre-Production Schedule' (1st semester) * (omari)
- Begin 'Production Schedule' (2nd semester) * (omari)
- Final script * (all)
- Rough Storyboard * (all)
- Rough Character Designs * (Jack)
- Mood board / visual style * (Krissy)
- Concept Art
- Sound (native american prayer song)
- Environment Sketches

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