Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Fist Animation Assignments

 As I mentioned in my previous post our assignment was to use the Animation Principals we had gone over with Andy Wyatt to make a football and bowling ball enter the frame and come to a halt. I found the task a challenge. At first I was not thrilled at the prospect of making a ball bounce with 2D hand drawn animation but now I see its purpose. The key in understanding the fundamentals. Now that I see how things work in 2D moving to 3D and applying the principals will be easier. Below are my attempts at both the bouncing ball and the bowling ball.

"The key in understanding the fundamentals."

Bouncing Ball

Like I said this task was challenging. I found a book called the Animators Bible that came in very handy. It shows a bouncing tennis ball over several frames and takes into consideration timing, spacing, weight and squash and stretch. It was perfect for this task. Once I got into the bouncing ball I found it quite enjoyable.

Bowling Ball

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