Friday, 10 December 2010

Visual Research Presentation

Today me and Marc Cullen had to give our visual research presentation to what should have been the entire first years of the course but ended being half of that. Our presentation was Hayao Miyazaki's oscar nominated Spirited Away. The presentation was 10 minutes giving us 5 mintes each to talk. Marc chose to explored the directing and production with reference to Miyazaki himself. I chose to explore the social and historical behind the film with reference to World War II influences and westernization. I was pleased with the design and layout of the slides; as this allowed my design skills to come in handy.

I have learnt a lot from this project. In future presentations will not be left to the last minute and I will ensure my talk is either a conversation orientated script or I know the suject in such depth I am able to speak about it both fluently and passionately. But its a learning curve.

Below is a PDF version of our power point slides for you to enjoy.

Omari McCarthy Visual Research Presentation

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