Thursday, 28 April 2011

Title Sequence Project

We have been given the brief for our title sequence projet. I have chosen to do the Yesterday's Tomorrow's brief. The team I have pulled together is myself, Amber, Kirk, Lee and Megan. We all have different strengths and weaknesses but I feel we can fill in each others blanks. Soem people in the team seem to lack the motivation to begin with but once we have the idea set in stone I am sure we can get them excited about it too.

 "We have different strengths and weaknesses but I   
  feel we can fill in each others blanks." 

So far we have decided to take an architectural approach to the brief. The narrative idea for the title sequence is that we go on a journey through time from say the 1400's up until the 1940's. The way in which we present the illusion of time changing is from an architectural perspective. Going from architecture from the aforementioned dates up until 'futuristic' visions of architecture inspired by the 1940's.

 "We get the idea that he is a man 
 limited by the technology of his time." 

Originally we had planned to this through the diary/ sketchbook of an architect. Where we move through the pages of his life and his works. With sketches, ink blots, notes, dates, ideas, old newspaper clippings of mysterious alien sightings, etc mixed with with images of mechanical marvels, floating cities, space travel, vitruvian man, vitruvian aliens, etc. We get the idea that the architect is man limited by the technology of his time as we see his vision as his ideas spilled forth on the page but convey his frustration that he cannot create what he has dreamed.  We see blueprint type sketches and structural drawings of buildings, houses, etc from as far back as 1400's until the 1940's followed by futuristic/ sci-fi-esque architectural marvels. Names for cast and crew members for the credits are carefully slipped into the notes and architectural diary/ sketchbook and are cleverly revealed through masks, inkblot, running ink, etc.

Fly through/ long take of architects office/ desk where we see diary/ sketchbooks/ notes and other such niceties scattered around the room 

The idea then developed into incorporating elements from the actual series like a lot of TV shows do where they show clips from episodes yet to come. Incorporating mechanical marvels, floating cities, space travel, vitruvian man, etc. I feel the idea is slightly ambitious espite a team of 5. 

Our production pipeline will probably involve, sketches, After Effects, Flash and Maya. But we have yet to decide how we will execute what though I feel the lion share of the work will be done in After Effects. I plan have an idea set in stone, run it by Derek and Kathy and to story board heavily before we even touch a computer, as I often read horror stories about not doing so.

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