Saturday, 21 May 2011

Title Sequence Project: Character Design

Another shot of me on location. I like the lighting but it makes me look a bit menacing.




End of Title Logo

Unfortunately I have not really put much thought into the logo at the end of the title until now.

Possible background for the final logo.


Typography Ideas

Jellyka Bees Antique Handwritten Typeface. 
Decorative/ ornamental that could work perfectly as our protagonist handwriting at smaller sizes in long runs of copy. However when used for display it may not have enough legibility to stand as our title sequence typeface. i will have to test it and run it by the team.

Paper texture set to soft light to bring out texture and add subtle brown tones. Loren Ipsum placeholder in large runs to look like protagonist handwriting. The issue here is the titles in the bottom right. They look out of place. I feel as though using two typefaces will benefit us better here. One for long runs of copy to be overlaid and another 

The King & Queen Typeface
This font is also quite decorative/ ornamental like Jellka. Hoever it is much more rough and sratchy in an attempt to appear more crafted, which works in larger point sizes, but when smaller it looks to digital and stiff. One thing I may take from this is the way that the '&' in the title of the font comes with a subtle ink splatter.

I just had this ideas for text on the walls as we track forward for the opening shot. Will have to test in AE.


Star Renders In Maya

These were all done using 'galactic' paint effects in maya. I am pleased with the results they give and will   have to experiment further with these. It is just a case of getting the correct settings the get the right amount of starts. We will also have to decide how realistic/ fantasy we want it to look. 

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