Saturday, 7 May 2011

Title Sequence Project: End of Week2


The Idea

We begin in an abandoned warehouse which the office of our protagonist sets the scene for out opening titles. Our protagonist is an amalgamation of all things sci-fi; scientist/ inventor/ philosopher/ engineer (architect?)

His office is a reflection of his life’s work; a room full of old scientific books, paintings, tinkered technology, newspaper clippings, videos of science experiments, sketches of technological marvels, etc. We get the idea that he is a man who is limited by the technology of his time. His dreams exceed his reality.

In his room several stories come to life in books, paintings, sketches. These stories are from the science fiction genre. We have chosen these particular stories because they embody our protagonists the sort of the stories that would be shown in the series.


Mood Board


Space Scene Test

Screenshot From Sahara Movie

Screenshot from Sci Fi Channel Commercial

Screenshot from After Effects test of Space scene.

The green wall on which the space scene will appear.


Guest Lecturer: Richard Morrison
Richard Morrison: Title Sequence Designer

On Friday 6th may we had a visit and guest lecture from Title Sequence Desiger Richard Morrison.
I found his lecture very useful and learnt about his unorthodox processes. His company Th1ng, have produced soem great works for a list of films too long to mention.  In the afternoon he gave us feedback on our title sequence projects from the ideas through the execution and we all found his insight very useful. 

I feel that my teams project is one of the most ambitious but if well executed could be one of the greatest first year projects. The trick to it all with keeping the momentum going and time management. Having looked at other peoples projects I feel that the entire first year has done really well and I am proud of everyone. 

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