Saturday, 11 June 2011

Title Sequence Project: Finished

Friday was the deadline for our title sequence project. We were up until about 6am working on the final edit.  I have to think Leon Darren, a third year advertising student, for  his help with the edit. He has been amazing. Unfortunately the man who was supposed to do our sound was not able to complete it in time, he is a very busy man and has to put client first. He should be able to have the final pieces of sound done for Monday. Below is out title sequence with a different track that works well as a temporar fix. Keep your eyes peeled for the final sound mix version next week.

I have enjoyed this title sequence project and I am looking forward to collaborating with others in the future. Now we have identified peoples strengths and weaknesses we can create a team that caters for that allowing everyone to excel. I will now be working on the 2011 Showreel that will feature a ix of student work as well as collaborations with other courses. so look out for that too. Enjoy.

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