Sunday, 20 November 2011

Post Production: VFX

In our Animation Technologies lecture Georg mentioned the university would be getting a Motion Capture space in the Performance centre. Apparently there is a space in the middle of the building called 'The Void' (cool name) and a company that works with Pinewood will be using it but we will have access to it too. It woud be great if we could work on some of their project if they need a hand too.

 Visual Effects Project: 

I had two ideas for me VFX pathway project. One was to do a hover-board like in back to the future but  more sci-fi. To do it I would simply record someone on a skateboard and 'paint it out', then I would model a hover-board and perfectly motion track the real boards movement so i can replace it with the model. See the two videos below to get a better idea of what I mean. It would be cool to mak the board look more sci-fi as well add some fire/ heat haze coming from the bottom of the board.

The other ideas was to do a much more practical VFX shot. I could be something like modelling, texturing, lighting and mach moving a realistic car into a scene. This would be a much more practical shot and would probably push my skills more than the hover-board project, as fun as that would be.

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