Friday, 24 February 2012

Animated Exeter 2012

It was really good and I am pleased I went and ended up catching the train down to exeter on my own.
I arrived a little late to 'The Pitch' event but took lots of notes as I got some very insightful advice from Hit Entertainment, Beakus, Double Negative and Creative England about the UK VFX and Animation industry, applying for jobs, the kind of work they take on, and their processes.

(I paid for some of the events in advance but Susanna had saved me a pass to get knto alm of the events for free ao that was handy so i was able to get a refund for all of them.)

Hellen Brunsdon and Phil had a talk about Producing on Peppa Pig which myself and Lauren, we are both thinking about producing, found very interesting and insightful.

Here is the final ident. I am in two minds about it as it had potential for greatness but considering we (I) pulled it out of my ass in a short amount of time its not too bad. I have learnt so much from working on it and feel a little more confident about the post production side of the 3D CGI pipeline.

The last thing I saw was The Mcleod Brothers. I felt a little bad as I walked into their event late (and with shopping bags full of clothes). In search of redemption I introduced myself to them (also asked about any work on their show 'The Isle of Spagg' too) they really liked seing how we brought their illustrations to life so I think I may have saved myself there.

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  1. omgosh u walked in there wid shopping bags embarrassing i wudd turned them inside out
    very good video!!!
    jonah =)