Friday, 24 February 2012

Post Production: Stereoscopic 3D, Digital Matte Painting & Camera Projection

Last week we started out new modules on the VFX pathway. We began looking at Stereoscopic 3D (thats the one with the glasses). It was just going over the terminology to ensure we are all speaking the same language like not getting 3D Computer Generated Images (3D-CGI) and Stereoscopic 3D (S3D) mixed up. One of things we need to to do is experiment with the concepts George gives us strait away.

In todays lecture George went over Digital Matte Painting and how they are used in feature films. Some of the work done on the star wars franchise is impressive and its definitely a skill I want to work on. On our course the people that come to mind in this area is Phoebe and Stu who are very good but are either very modest or stupid for thinking that they are not. One of the other things he went over was camera projection of a matte painting which is something I want to try and post to my blog even if its just a crude effor

Painting on glass for Star Wars
Matte Painting Example:

Camera Projection Example:

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