Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Little Loud, Recruitment & Co Productions

I currently have several people working on different things at the same time...
Pitch/ Pitch Documents: Omari
Script: Perry
Environments:  Phoebe working on environment/ WOW image,
Character: Kylie
Logo/ Identity Tom
Amber has said she want to edit for me and help with compositing. The catch is she as signed up to several projects

I had a good chat with Lauren Jansons over the weekend and offered to produce for project. The reason I want to work with her is because I want to leave university having a better understanding of motion capture, the workflow and the

There are some potential bottle necks I have already anticipated:
1) Lack of understanding of different disciplines; we have student across a wide range of courses including Music Composing, Animation, Contemporary Dance and Film. But we do not have enough of an understanding of what each course actually does so building relationships and creating the right environment for us collaborate will be key.

2) Time tables & Communication; crossing courses and departments is tricky and means we will have different time tables and will not cross paths as often as student do in the animation studio. We need regular meetings once per week to keep people on track and keep them motivated. We need to be aware of each other schedule to ensure that we work to suit each other. I have a feeling early meeting will be tricky as performance student start at 8 while animators tend to crawl out of the bed at lunchtime.

3) Recruitment/ Core team; one of the first things I did was arrange a meeting as soon as I got involved
credit to Lauren but she should have done this a while back as I started recuirting in the middle of the summer. I got the core togetehr and we went ot the Performance Centre to see the motion capture studio, which the Performance students are not even aware exists, I introduced them to a nice guy called Jens Meinser (the mocap guy). It also seems that as soon as I got involved the project has picked up pace.

4) Music composing; the biggest bottle neck for the start of this project is already the music. I am writing this just after meeting with the composer Nikki. Its a good thing we arranged the meeting as once we can get the ball rolling on that the dancers will be able to work their piece to suit as thus far they have been dancing without music.

5) Production Process; we are mixing 2D with 3D while using motion capture performed to music. I understand the 3D animation process but for this we are going to have define it  and make sure everyone gets what needs to be done.

To Do:
Shoot a rough edit of the dancers to double as animatic
rehearsals and shooting footage from various angles
animation test
core team
george feedback

choreography have limited space should we measure the set and recreate in performance studio?
how long will music composing take?
how long will mocap process take?
maya render test of visual style? How are we going achieve a charcoal/ ink look out of the render

Mark asked me to co-produce his project "Weegie". I think after hearing I was working with Lauren he decided to pull me in. The only reason I did not produce Marc is because I already have my piece being entirely 3D and Laurens seemed like a interested )but very risky) mix.
To Do:
test; water / charcoal look in Maya/ Nuke, rain in maya, wet floor/ shader: http://blog.daum.net/mayalist/8072370
Find storyboard artists to devlop Mark's thumbnails.

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