Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Little Loud: Testing & Script Development

I have been looking at the background work of 101 Dalmatians today both in terms of color, texture and line quality.

Had the chance to catch up with Gerog today who suggest that the working on the model and rigg side by side is the most efficient way to work if you plan it properly. He made it clear I was not going to get the look aout of the render but told me to look at Softimage compositing effects and nuke compositing.

dave was nice enough to make a CGI model of Jon Klassen's artwork of Coraline's bedroom  Its looks nice but I need to avoid the CGI look as much as possible. He has used paint effects rendered in Maya software to try to get close to the look but had troubles rendering it out.
Experimenting with Painterly Effects in Sofimage/ XSI node based compositor

I received an e-mail from Fraser McLean today and he is interested in seeing my storyboards so he can consult us on them. I said I would try get some to him by Monday so we can have a Skype chat to get some feedback. For now he is taking a look at the script. The Little Loud script v3 has been shared with team. Unfortunately I have not received any feedback from the lecturers yet

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