Thursday, 6 December 2012

Animation Production Story Session

Last night I arranged a story feedback session with the third years to discuss and help each other with story changes. Not as many people turned as should have. I think this was because we always work towards Thursdays as thats when we see Helen I think they feel changing their story last minuet is

Orbit Strange:

Rules of Reality:
1) As he gets older gravitational pull grows stronger and radius grows larger. Stays constant once he reaches puberty.
2) Movement of object always based on circular orbit or spiral.
3) Weight?

Team Brainstorm:

Sam/ Sash,
Build sympathy over course of life
Personality: agoraphobic (watch bunny and the bull
Personality: anti-hoarder. has nothing in home
is on the news as a freak
start with suicide and show flashbacks of life
more extreme
Chid star
finds a love intrest with small head

Act 1:
Mr.Tibro/ Orbit Strage in the womb as a fetus.
In playpen at home, building blocks float around head
Primary school. Kids throwing paper airplanes at him, its flies around his head
Secondary school/ College. No girls like him.
First date. Cinema with girlfriend his head blocks projector and audience throw food at him.
Snow ball fight. Christmas
He falls back into the snow

Act 2 pt 1:
he falls back into his bed sheets and closes his eyes
alarm clock beeps. hand slams down to stop it.
he is a middle aged man living alone
He wakes up and we see his daily routine...
He uses toilet and his wees orbits around his head
breakfast bowl, cereal and milk float around his head as he walks into the kitchen

Act 2 pt 2:

Act 2 pt 3:

Act 3:
end: Mr.Tibro "I'm Orbit Strange"

Hook, Line & Stinker:

We also came up with the idea of interesting 2D Transition for the background of the opening montage (act 1) here are some 2D Transition Examples:

Infinitus Artificium:

narrative vs abstract
relations between characters
staging/ environment used to tell story/ enhance emotion

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