Friday, 8 March 2013

CGI Lighting & Cinematography

Hook, Line & Stinker: Lighting Riggs
The aim here was to build lighting riggs based on Phoebe's concepts/ color scripts that would be referenced into the scenes. They would have to be flexible enough to make tweaks on a shot by shot basis. I found using surface shader plugged into a sphere with final gather to give the secen an overall illumination then adding spotlight to represent the light physically on the boat following by some area light around the hull of the boat to represent the reflection from the sea.


Lighting Rigg matched to Phoebe's color script/ concept

Lighting Rigg matched to Phoebe's color script/ concept

Water simulation by Josh Bainbridge is brilliant but too realistic. We need to find a stylised solution.

Cinematography & Lighting Studies:
I found a few good documentaries on lighting and cinematography. Lighting is a real mix of creative and technical. You know how you want to light it but you have to know Linear Lighting Workflow, Final gathering, Render Passes and Compositing and it can just get it the way of wanting to be creative with it so it was nice to find some videos where they just talk about the art.

Cinematographer Style (1/6)

Kodak Master Class Series: Lighting Dances with Wolves

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