Thursday, 20 June 2013

Post Hand-In

I have not updated this blog in a while. For Hook, Line & Stinker we were only able to hand in 15 full rendered shots out of 60+ shots in total. It should have been about 20 rendered but a few were messed up last minute for various reasons. Obviously I am really disappointed about this but I am proud of the team despite everything.

For Infinitus Artificium we handed in a finished film but we know one or two shots need to be completely re-done. This needs the least amount of work, its more about working on it until we're happy with it.

I will have a meeting with my teams this week and next to make an action plan for what to do next. Its will have to be a massive effort, especially for Hook, Line & Stinker. A part of me is dreading it but it has to be done. There is nothing worse than an unfinished student film.

I could say more but i'm not a fan of poring out my heart on a blog so i'll leave you with this...

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