Friday, 22 October 2010

The animation course is starting to take off. I have also joined 'Flex' the student newspaper for which I am head of design as well as working on the quarterly magazine 'SafetyFocus'. Both will look good on my CV. But with regards to the animation course I am really getting into it. We had a lecture with Andy Wyatt today about the remaining principals of design. Being taught the principals in parts and having focused assignments was a good idea (nice one Andy). It makes it easier to take in. 


Body Language: using key poses to convey emotion such as the way politicians use body language to convey power, control and honesty.

Silhouetted Techniques: if the pose is effective it will work even as a silhouette.

Exaggeration: adding emphasis to certain character traits conveys what the character is feeling

Line of Action: just like in graphic design the use of lines is important as lines can convey direction, movement, power, stillness. When used with reference to character poses the line of action allows the animator to control where the main focus of a scene is.

The Assignment:
We were set a new assignment today for which we have bring a cube like character to life. The deadline for this project is Tuesday, 26 October 2010. I think I will enjoy this.

"Cubey is standing confidently in the 
centre stage. Suddenly s/he hears a 
noise out of shot. Animate your 
character reacting to that sound"

We also watched 'Waltz with Bashir' today. It is an animated movie based on the graphic novel of the same name. I thought visually it was stunning. The use of lighting, the different weights of line, the muted colour palette, fragmented storytelling, even the way it was directed. The whole this was impressive. I just with we had an english version as subtitles detract form the content. I heard the whole this was made in Flash. I dont know how true this is but if it is that is a feat in itself.

"The use of lighting, the different weights of line, the muted colour palette, fragmented storytelling, even the way it was directed"

I would love to make a film like 'Waltz with Bashir'. I like real and serious stuff and deal with real issues. I am aware that comedy works very well in animation but you cant complain the medium is not taken seriously when we make comedies instead of face up to real issues.

" cant complain the medium 
is not taken seriously when we make 
comedies instead of face up to real issues."

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