Tuesday, 26 October 2010

I have just finished my Cubey animation task for Andy. The challenge was:

"Cubey is standing confidently in the
centre stage. Suddenly s/he hears a 
noise out of shot. Animate your 
character reacting to that sound"

Below is the final version of it. It is roubly 28 frames long. I have made my character hide from the first sound and jump in fight at the sound of the second. I am pleased with the results. I just need to work on keeping the

Below is my bouncing ball attempt with squash and stretch. I found it difficult to have the ball rotate as well as squash and stretch. If you look at the way the ball bounces and rotates at the same time it does not look believable. I will need to work on this in the future.

Below is my my ball with a happy character trait. I enjoyed working on this and found the whole process very organic. Notice that I have made the squash and stretch look more believable but because the ball bounces on the spot I found it much easier. I am very pleased with this one. I just need to work on making the squash and strech more realistic and maybe a few more frames of anticipation. Overall I am pleased.

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