Saturday, 12 November 2011

Animation Production: Challenges

The animation production project is coming along but there are a few things I am worried about that need to be tested immediately. I have looked into all of these things at a very basic level so far and will post some screenshots of what I have been working on.

 Things I am Researching & Understanding (so basically everything I am worried about): 
Toon Shaders
Water Simulation; foam, splash, ect
Object (Canoe) on water
Feather rigg/ dynamics
Maya hair; texturing, lighting, rendering
Organic Modelling; trees, grass, leaves, foliage, ect
Texturing; Mari (I think we can get a nice painterly look i if teach the team how to use Mari)
Prop Modelling; Trees, forest, tipi huts, clothing, feathers, spears
Maya Redering; speeding up render times, Open EXR, HDR Compositing,
(Any way I can cheat effects, camera moves, ect. I am prepared to do this cheap and dirty, I mean I will literally record water in my bath for the ending shots to avoid a water simulation.)

Its a long list which means I wont be getting a lot of sleep from here on out.

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