Thursday, 10 November 2011

Animation Production: Week 5

We met Hellen Brunson, Andy's wife, on Monday morning. She is an Animation Consultant/ Producer and came down to give us a lecture as well as feedback on our work.  She went over all the things a producer has to do; budgeting, scheduling, networking, create an environment in which a team can be creative, ability to pull people together and get the best out of the. Also that the producer has to be a therapist, negotiator, legal and talent scout. When woking in industry you have to think about salarys, software, merchandising and marketing too. She also advised we consider doing producer training, an MA at National Film & Television School or Magic Light Pictures Company Scheme in London. I would only do one of these if I cannot get job and doing so would increase my chances of employment.
She told me that the storyboard and Pre-Production schedule will go through many variations and that this is normal. I was pleased to hear this as I had made changes pretty much each week.  I think next year i will have an overall production schedule as well as individual schedules. Below is our production schedule; we have extended character and visual style by one week as well as color script.

 Animated Exeter Ident: 
For the past two years students on the Digital Animation course at Falmouth have worked on the Animated Exeter idents. We were given a sort of brief by Andy last week as provided with an illustration by the McLeod Brothers and a sort of telephone conference with the head of the festival. We have to pitch several ideas to her on the 27th November to be developed into the final 30 seconds animatic. Because of the short amount of time we had we decided to have alarge brainstorming session and break of into to teams in which to pitch to her.
McLeod Brothers Illustration for Animated Exeter

 Rough Storybards (Act 2 30seconds): 
this sh
these last three frames are act thee
 Music / Sound: 
I was supposed to play these songs in the lecture today but did not get round to doing it. I have embedded them below. I found these native american songs on a youtube channel by chance. I listed to them and felt that their sound could lend itself quite well to certain parts of 

 File Shearing Communication): 
We have been using drop-box for our file shearing an Facebook, text and e-mail for communication. Dropbox has been great and we have made folders for 

dynmics issues testing them
(list of dynamics to be tested. schedule of testing vs result)

 Thursday 3rd November @1pm: Animation Production Presentation: 
During the lecture today Georg and some of the other students gave me some feedback. They mentioned that the story has become epic again dispute us trying to simplify it. The question that was raised was 'can you fit in 90 seconds?'.

After the presentation I wondered how relevant our day at the maritime was. But i realized it was the way henry put our ideas onto perspective and time we spent together that have made the difference.

Kirstianne Wells
Kirstianne Wells

Jack Donoghue

Jack Donoghue
Jack Donoghue
Jack Donoghue
We are looking into visual style but we need to decide one something quick. Georg suggested we look at children book illustrations and to pull s visual style for there. I plan to pass by woodland early tomorrow morning to look through a few books. Hopeful we will find something we can use.

 Thursday 17th November @1pm: Animation Production Presentation: 
- Progress on 'Pre-Production Schedule' (1st semester) * (omari)
- Begin 'Production Schedule' (2nd semester) * (omari)

- Show 'shot checklist' * (omari)
- Final storybaord
- Children's Book Illustration >> Visual style >> mood baord
- Developed Storyboard * (all)
- Developed Character Designs based on Visual style * (Jack)
- Concept Art Environemnt & Charcters >> based on visual style
- Sound (native american prayer song)
- Environment Plan sketches >> camera placement

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