Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Post Production: Visual Effects

I chose the right pathway. No doubt about it. I like the way Georg tried to get himself a smaller class but I dot blame him.I am getting enough of the pre-production side with the Animation Production project we have which I have learnt so much from already.

 Animation Technologies: 
Georg's Animation Technology lecture are the best thing ever. I was secretly gutted when I came in late last Tuesday as he was talking about learning to code which I am very interested in. I have had a go at expressions in After Effects but I guess that is child's play compared to MEL and Python. I will defiantly learn. After looking into VFX I have read that there is a massive skills shortage in the UK VFX industry and they are being forced to pool talent from abroad. Cinesite opened up their SiteInspire to an new category of Technical people and coders, and skill set have been working with theVFX industry to produce The Core Skills of VFX book which I have been reading and acting on. All the more reason to code and I will just assume that the coders are the higher paid people. Wishing I was better at maths.

I think rigging is very hard. Below are some screenshots of a reverse IK Foot Rigg. Georg is a great lecturer but this will take some getting used to. I spent saturday in the studio messing with Mari when I should have gone over rigging but I plan to go in on Sunday to do it. Rigging is something I wanted to go over last year but I think it would have been a lot to take on in reality. It is very technical and understanding how the order of the hierarchies work will take time but I know if i put the time it i will get it. In the end I understood the reverse IK Foot rigg and will never look at feet the same again, they are very complicated. The thing that tripped me up the most was the 'set driven key' window i got lost because we have to move between the outliner too. Practice.... Simple as.

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