Sunday, 14 October 2012

Little Loud: Visual Development

Freddy Pooley was nice enough to post a link to an illustrator called Rohan Daniel Eason.

It also reminds me of Pokemon in the style of Tim Burton I found on created by Vaughn Pinpin (also knows as) Hat Boy. I am going to run these by the pre-production team to see what they think. Finally I can't remember who posted this on Facebook, I think it was Keri Michelle Holt, but its called 'How Much Does A Shadow Weigh' and its brilliant.

Spoke top Seb about the team effort required this year to complete these projects. He made it clear that we were going to have really help each other out to get through this.

My aims for this week:
Tomorrow is the start of week 3 of 32. These are the things I need to get done to feel like we are moving forward.

1) Meet up with Jamie Romp & Ryan Jones.
I have also been chasing up Jamie Romp, my sound designer, and Ryan Jones, my composer about the sound of the world required for Little Loud. I sent them both a link to Little Kaiju Directed Jonathan & Josh Baker and the sound track by Papi Kiki  I saw on Vimeo a few weeks ago. I feel like a xylophone is a step in the right direction. This is where I am hoping they will impress my as music is definitely not my thing. Thats why I brought them in so early.

2) Get test shots for style from David McDonald, Josh Bainbridge, Ted Whitehead and Connor McKee.
I want to ask David McDonald, Josh Bainbridge, Ted Whitehead and Connor McKee to start doing some tests shots for the project to gauge weather Jon Klassen's style is feasible in 3D. If I can justify it then I can keep it as a 2D looking project giving me the most flexibility.

3) Pre-production team to copy art of Jon Klassen, Shane Pringmore and Tony Maerrithew.
Now that we have the style pinned down we need to work it into something we can call our own and gradually develop a style guide and model sheets.

4) Rough storyboard and layout.
Yeah... as soon as I finish this script.

5) Practice Pitching
From the Producing Course I did over the summer and feedback from Helen Brunsdon I am in good stead. I have to pitch with something a lot more solid and with more confidence.

Film Of The Week:
(I could make this a regular thing) is I Was Born But... (Japan, 1932) Written & Directed by Yasujuro Ozo during the silent era. Last year there was a brilliant Channel 4 Documentary called 'The Story Of Film: An Odyssey' in which they explore the history of film until now. In the second episode there was a 10/15minute segment dedicated to Yasujiro Ozu you can see an 11 minute clip here. Something to note is his use of the 'Tatami Shot' in which the camera is place at a low height. This is supposed to be the height of someone kneeling on a Tatami Matt but often his camera was even lower. In the film this puts the audience of the children's line of sight for the majority of the film. I think it would be interesting to explore this in Little Loud given her age/ height combination but I also need to keep in mind I want this to look and feel like an animated series. I think? Hmmm.

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