Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Little Loud Production Meeting

This morning I met up with Phoebe, out production designer, and Heidi, our lead animator. The purpose of the meeting was just to get the ball rolling on the pre-production process, specifically characters, environments and props, while I work out story and character.

I am encouraging them to think in 3 dimensions and do either action or emotion poses never static I personally think that at this early stage turnarounds are underrated.  I would prefer to see the

We pooled several ideas. Phoebe specifically mentioned that we can use light and shape of the objects in the room to cast interesting shadows. For example a shadow casting over a radiator could create a scary spiky looking shape to help set the tone and scene. Also strategically placing the lighting; wide windows, several lamps, night lights, torch to allow us the most flexibility when working. You get the idea.

Here are the task I set today for the team:

Here are some of Phoebes sketches which I think are amazing and a good start to the project:

Below is my production team as it currently stands:
Director/ Producer: Omari
Production Designer: Phoebe Herring (overseeing pre-production process)
Character Designer: Heidi
Lead Animator: Hedi
Supervising Animator: Stu Whitten
Storyboard Artists: Annabelle
Technical Director: Josh Banebridge
FX Technical Director: Ted Whitehad
Sound FX: Jame Romp
Composer: Ryan Jones

I chose these people because they are talented and do not need to much spoon feeding. They are also prepared to help me develop the ideas and always bring something to the table.

I have run my idea by mark at this early stage.

Testing 3D & Shadows:

Script & Character:

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