Thursday, 4 October 2012

Little Loud: Ideas & Development

Script, Character bios,

Last night I was working on character bios so below are the three main characters. These are subject to change over the coming weeks and the names are far rom final. Only the main character called 'Little' for now will be the 3 minute pilot.




When I went into the studio this morning my aims were:
1) test the workflow for shadows
2) test the workflow for normals maps (this is how I plan to get most of my detail)
3) get used to the stereoscopic controls in maya

White I was working on the shadows, which I left till last, Georg came over and gave me a hand. The method I has been using was extremely complicated and involved using light-linking, attribute spread sheet and getting deep into layers (see figure 1). While Georg was able to do the same thing in under 30 seconds (see figure 2 to 4) using the render stats menue.

George gave some good advice and feedback on the project. The main thing he wanted to get across was not limiting your idea because of your current skill set and that everything can be learnt and tested. I admire that but its easier said than done because after 1st and 2nd year its easy to write an idea and then ask yourself how will I do that? He in encouraging us to think about

Figure 1: My first test with a Sphere and Cone 

Figure 2: Sphere and Cone with shadows.

Figure 3: Sphere with cast shadows "off". Cone with visibility "off" but cast shadows "on'.

Figure 4: Sphere and Cone with same setting as above. Cone moves to same base position as Sphere. 

Andy Advice & Feedback:
Several storylines

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