Thursday, 4 October 2012

Little Loud: Story & Visual Development

Today was our first session with Rosa, I was a little late to the first lecture because of traffic in Penryn, we watched all of the 3rd year shorts. Later in the day I pitched my idea to Rosa and several other son the course today. She said I had a strong idea which I was grateful for. She sais she was excited by the idea but when I said I was setting it in her bedroom she felt a little let down. She wants me to open up the story and incorporate the rest of the house as the bedroom is too much of a constraint and that there is potential for a bigger adventure. As I mentioned in a previous post the reason I am keeping these things simple is because of the time, scope, skill set and being realistic with man power when it comes to crunch time as people will drop out I am 100% sure of this based on past experiences. I am going to spend friday - sunday working up a script using the house for monday morning to run by our lecturers.

In terms of visual development I am trying to steer Heidi and Phoebe away from the gothic direction and more towards the cute and cuddly world with a dark twist (she shadow). It needs to feel like a world of full of supernatural elements beneath the veil of a beautiful place you would love to live.

Its is also very tricky trying to design characters, props, environments when you do now have a story and I can sense the frustration of my team as they ask me questions when I do not even have my
The pro-production process needs to be extremely well thought out as in my opinion it is the mother of all cock- ups in animation production. So for now I need a solid story before I can commit to helping the other with the visual development of the story.

Tomorrow, Friday, we are off all day but I will working on my story for half of the day and my dissertation the other half.

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