Friday, 5 October 2012

Dissertation & Little Loud

This morning Olly, a recent graduate from our course currently working as a Junior Lighting TD at Aardman animations, was nice enough to post a link to his blog called 'The Pixel Crush'. He offeres some very good advice for the third year final major projects

I spend most of the day working on dissertation today as friday is our days of and I have decided to commit to 'Dissertation Weekends' from Friday to Monday every week for at least 4 hours a day. Sound ambition I know but I can pull it off. I was re-reading some of my research and making a color code key to help me organise the information. using marker pens on photocopies, post its in book and reverse out color block in microsoft word. I am using green for introduction, blue for realsim, pink for social realism, yellow for conclusion and blue for quotes. Gail Theobald my dyslexia support gave me the idea as well as helping me breakdown the structure of the essay and its already working.

I had the chance to speak to kathy today. I gave her a recap about what Rosa said in the meeting yesterday. Kathy told me that she thinks my piece, Little Loud, shares the same title as as a play but i mentioned that I am prepared to change the title title if I had to. After running a quick search I found the name has been sued in many places so I will have to keep a change of title in mind.
I also mentioned that I want to find and art style to conform to. She offered to help me find a visual style so hopefully she is able to come up with something. Kathy told me she thought the show would work well in 2D and so did I but I made it clear the reason I would want to avoid the 2D is simply because we dont have enough good 2D animators to execute the show to a high enough standard and my strength lies in 3D CGI as that is where I have put most of my time.
Kathy, like Rosa did encourage me to think about producing another projects and seems to see me in the producing light. It would also be very good for me to be able to produce 3D CGI, 2D and Stop Motion.
Kathy encouraged me to move back to research and story so I can move forward. In ehr head she said she saw a 2D style when I told her. She said  look into the UPA films much like Gerald McBoing Boing and other works. I like the style but I don't know if its right for this project. I also looked into what is currently on BBC as she advised me to aim for that demographic shows. These are the shows categorised as animation currently on CBBC.

I was reading Broadcast magazine in the library an today and there was an interview with Kay Benbow the CBeebies Controller. Although that is not my aim I need to be more aware of that the successful shows are in case the producers ask me at the pitches.
Successful shows this year:
Andy's Wild Adventures
Tree Fu Tom (re-commissioned for a 2nd series. Its the highest grossing show on the channel.)

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