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Animation Production: Animatic Sweatbox

My projects were in the second hard of animatic sweatbox sessions that were spread over Thursday/ Friday. I did not get the chance to speak to him but I wanted to get advice on Little Loud off him (im not letting that die) which is a shame as he preferred to discuss it face to face rather than email. He suggested I talk to Andy about having him come back but in the back of my mind I have a feeling that that was the last time i'll see him. It was brilliant to to get his feedback today.

Below are the animatics for the projects I am working on. I have out the feedback under each video. The feedback was harsh but true and I took notes from a subjective view, easier when the project is not your brainchild, so I can analyse it properly. My biggest regret/ annoyance is that this feedback had not come sooner. having Luis Cook 4 weeks ago would have been a game changer for some projects.


Infinitus Artificium:
Animatic By Lauren Jansons & Amber Hyde

Luis Cook Feedback: (and some of my own notes/ observations/ ideas)

  • Audience will be able to pull narrative from abstract pieces. Its innate.
  • As a result the 'story'/ peice does not read well. Audience getting completely different message.
  • Comes across like a stab at men disguised as a dance piece.
  • music seems to sound more positive at start than at end. Should other way around.
  • Consider relationship between male and female
  • By default audience will begin to shape meaning just based on male and female interation; sexual connotations.
  • Try to find the story within the dance.
  • How do you represent emotion in dance? color, shape/ form, texture, lighting
  • Watch: Pink 'Try' (Music Video) Amber Hyde: "good example of contemporary male and female dance in a song. But is more dominating than male."


Orbit Strange Animatic:

Animatic By Tom Hughes

Luis Cook Feedback: (and some of my own notes/ observations/ ideas)
  • His abilties has not been sued for the right gags.
  • No need for construction site gag, does not 
  • individual gag needs to build on itself.
  • each gag needs to build on the last.
  • level of reality/ logic needs to be established and kept constant throughout.
  • what is the radius of his gravitational pull? what is the lightest/ heaviest object he can pick up?
  • what does he want? how does his ability stop him from having it?
  • Mr.Tibro should could start off young and get older as the story goes on. We see him from birth, school, first date, ect to death (where he finds his purpose)
  • Gravitational pull gets stronger.
  • Love story? Does he meet a woman who's head is a black whole? They complete each other?
  • wants intimacy but ability keeps people at a distance!
  • use title sequence to set up origins of oversized head? Titles could include orbiting text?
  • Read: Dan Martin Comics (Mad Magazine)
  • Watch: Captain Awesome (comedic timing) 
+ production schedule
+ shot schedule (based on animatic)
+ prop modelling list (based on aniamtic)

Animatic (based on feedback)
Character turnarounds

Mark & others:
Help with story developemnt

Animation tests (in Tom's style)


Hook, Line & Stinker Animatic:
Animatic by Freddy Pooley & Luke Ridgeway

Luis Cook Feedback: (and some of my own notes/ observations/ ideas)
  • Clarity. Shots need to be made clearer; action and background. use shades of grey for readability.
  • Ensure everything that is set up has end. Some gags and over arching story felt open ended.
  • Allow gags to have three act structure like 
  • Whats is the purpose of the Murman? How does he help to resolve their relationship? How does he make them feel about each other/ themselves?
  • What does each character want? Why cant they have it? (obstacle?)
  • Keep father & Son as 'double act' then introduce Murman as the 'wildcard'.
  • Make arguing happen gradually throughout 
  • Watch: Lupe The Butcher

First Act Ideas:
  • Set up ideas of large 'catch'. large fish that has only been seen a by a few old, drunken fishermen. Most believe it to be a myth. This could be and old man talking or even a poster hanging on a wall, a newspaper?

Second Act Idea:
  • Father & Son argue during rain (pathetic fallacy)
  • Meanwhile fishing mechanism goes crazy. its has clearly caught something of massive wight
  • Father and son do not notice boat tipping as they argue (dramatic irony)
  • hey reach peak of their argument as murman flops up onto deck
  • The murman's presence though comedic must threatens their life as they boat could sink. 
  • They are not on a time limit to get the murman off the boat before the boat sinks and they loose everything.

Third Act Idea:
  • They see twisted version of themselves in the murman. They do not like what they see.
  • Father & Son realise have to let go of the thing that makes them so hard to love
  • Father and Son forced swap roles. father is forced to be creative, Son is forced to do something fisherman like?

To Do Week Commencing: Week 10: 03/11/12
Monday Morning Meeting/ Story Session. All to Attend.

+ model son/ student (deadline monday)
+ contact oggymen band >> arrange meeting
+ shot schedule (based on animatic)
+ production schedule
+ arrange mocap session with Jens

+ Animatic with…
+ sound
+ elapsed time
+ shot count
+ overall frame count

+ Asset management (dropbox folder)
+ render tests
+ animatic (with freddy)

+ prop design
+ mobile, fish, Helm sterring wheel, metal bucket, flip book, pencil, door sign
(w/logo), palm tree sea weed,
+ Animatic from storyboards

rigging body (14th Dec)
facial rig/ GUI

+ bucket of water simulation (Monday 3rd Dec)
+ rain simulation (software renderer)
+ render test
+ finish the model of the merman

+ color script from storyboards (various time of day)
+ Mood board for water >> send to Phoebe

back ground from previous artwork
concept including water based on sash's mood board

Alex Beadle:
Ship concept design (deadlineTuesday 4rd Dec)
(note; please thin about light sources on the boat/ environment)
Seagull concept (Thurs 6th Dec)

Heidi & Stu:
test animations; walk, run cycle based on footage/ mobcap data

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