Thursday, 22 November 2012

Project Development Meeting

I think quite a few people took a blow today in the project development meeting as well as individual feedback sessions. I think people are starting to feel that anyone could go at this point. I honestly can't look at any project and say they are on solid ground. My biggest worry is that we won't be lest with anything that I can really feel invested in or actually care about this is a big thing for me I can't commit to ideas I don't believe in. Simple as...

Orbit Strange:
Lots of feedback from Helen and Derek following up from Andy and Amber's feedback yesterday. The feedback was conflicting and convoluted but what is clear is that everyone knows Orbit Strange has potential to be amazing and even award winning but we need to milk every gag for all its worth and keep getting fresh pairs of eyes on it. 
Just to keep you up to date over 50% of the story has been scrapped and we wil require a complete reworking of the scratch track. This also means that two of the background design that have been worked up will now be scrapped so I have had to put that on hold until we know what we are doing. 
I have managed to pull back in Sam Ellery (who is now producing 'Goonight Bear' for Alice Holmes) to work on the animatic in Toon Boom Storyboard Pro based on Tom's thumbnails which will be edited in various ways by amber to see what works. I need to get the animatic to Jamie Romp for Monday so he can work up a scratch track for us.

Infinifus Artificium (IA):
Based on Helen & Derek's feedback they know AI has the potential to be good. I trust Helens judgement as well as the other lecturers but I and weary of Derek as he clearly prefers solid narrative instead of things being interpreted as he suggested to Lauren, the director, that it become a comedy at one point. This will not be happening. As soon as we have this mocap data we can move things forward it is just a shame the mocap data has taken longer to come through.
We are trying to find a time this week to meet the dancers and 

Hook Line & Stinker (HLS):
I have been a little more removed form this project as I have spend most of my time on Orbit Strange and AI. Previz is less of a bottle neck for HLS as they still need a solid animatic before I would even touch Motion Builder of Maya software. The characters need more development and 

Mocap for IA and HLS:
The mocap data from Jens is coming through slowly but needed a lot more cleaning that we first thought. Using mocap was my idea and I have been the spearhead of this for both projects but just for this week it will be their biggest bottle neck. Once the data is through and cleaned we can test; camera positions, camera movements, staging, composition, lighting, texturing, particles among other things.

In Summary:
As if all of this was not enough we now have the Aniamtic Sweatbox Session handin on Tuesday 27th November at Midnight. The feedback from this will determine weather the project goes through. The catch is only two projects will be cut. The judge is Luis Cook. Now don't get me wrong Luis Cook is the director of the peice sisters and his work is incredible I was just hoping that we we would send them to the same judges we pitched to; Dave Unwin, Erica Darbey and Jess makes sense right? I have been researching him for obvious reasons. Hopefully he likes the ideas we have I would be absolutely gutted if two of the projects that get cut are mine.


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