Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Production & Motion Capture

Tuesday and Wednesday have been very long days.

Orbit Strange:
For Orbit strange the focus for me has been on schedules, shot schedule/ sign-off list, design & modelling list and well as an After Effects (AE) template for shot count, frames, length, etc to go over the animatic. Tom has done a great job on the animatic but Amber has been brought in to work on the edit as once we showed it to Amber and Andy they had a lot of comments for its improvements. Sp todays lesson "Don't work in a vacuum".

Motion Capture Hook, Line & Stinker/ Infinitus Artificium:
Tuesday night from 6pm-10pm was entirely motion capture. We worked on Hook Line & Stinker (HLS) first from 6pm-8pm. Had a 30 min break than from 8:30pm-10pm it was Infinitus Artificium (IA). Luckily Jens Milner who worked for Centroid down here at the university and runs the mocap studio has some improved markers for feet and is in the process of updating for the rest of the suit.
Luke and Freddy played the Fisherman and his Son/ Student while myself and Seb supervised the process. Jens is currently cleaning the mocap data and will send it to us at the end of the week.

Infinitus Artificium: Behind The Scenes

Career Aspirations & Feedback with Andy:
We also had the feedback sessions from our career aspirations forms today. I explained to Andy that I am dead set on being an animation producer but would also like to dabble in Live Action. We discussed having to start out as a runner of a production assistant working under as a best a director as I can.

Andy told me to look at the Advertising Standards Agency and the amount of rules and regulation that govern what they can and can't do. Despite all of this they manage to produce some amazing advertisements.  I should also keep my software/ hardware/ technology knowledge up as a producer that does now know how long things take will be taken advantage of at production stage. Alson with this he advised me to look at the most effective ways of motivating a team; 

I began reading a great book called Producing Animation by Catherine Winder & Sahra Dowlatabadi. Brilliant.


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  3. Hi Kumar. I am on the move at the moment but have bookmarked your link. I wiml get back to you by the end of the wekend. Thankyou for expressing intrest in our production.