Monday, 19 November 2012

Schedules, List and Development

I spend most of today in the Library/ Exchange working on my dissertation readings. I also found two very good books one called 'Producing Animation' and 'The Business of Animation' which I plan to buy. I used these books to move forward with the schedules  for Orbit Strange and I will be working on the schedule for Infinitus Artificuim (AI), Lauren's project. Freddy, Luke and Seb were practicing the roles for Hook Line & Sinker mocap session tomorrow in the TV studio/ green screen room. Luke is focused on the animatic that needs a lot of work

This is the latest version of the Orbit Strange Animatic.
Animatic by Tom Hughes & Sam Ellery. SFX by Jamie Romp.

I also spend today finalising the variables of the shot schedule for Orbit Strange, you can see the development below. What really helped with this schedule was my work placement at Spider Eye at the end of my 2nd year as I took not of the type of things they have in their schedule such as notes (for animators from director), shot description, shot animator was assigned to, etc. Among other things I have added render passes, estimated render times (for which we can use the math based tools in excel) so just about everything from the key frame animation to final creative color correction. Animators were also assigned shots that follow the same continuity as much as possible for example I was given shot 14-18 but shot 17 had already been started by someone else. So I then had to give up shot 17 and 18 to avoid any issues. We will take the same approach come production time... its just common sense.
 I will have to make some changes base on the animatic above for which Jamie Romp out sound FX guy has just added a rough scratch track too.
Orbit Strange Shot Schedule (in development)

As you can see it has been color coded. Pre-Production, Production, Post-Production Delivery/ Distribution. At the moment is it a bit of a mess but you can see it coming together. Luckily for Orbit Strange we can afford to let some of the pre-production slip over to the 1st week of Christmas if needs be. The most important thing for me is having a pre-production bible to give to animators on January 6th as Tom will be the one to set the standard for the animation tests.
Orbit Strange Weekly Production Schedule (in development)

Little Loud Development:
I have done some rough sketch ideas for Little's grandfather as well as some more concepts for Loud.

I came across this video over a year ago on the internet then found it again today. It resonated with me more because of the shadow in Little Loud. I don't know why I didn't look at this sooner. the creature is not so much a shadow as a monster but its movement with smoke trails and expressions is something I envisioned Loud, the shadow, would have to a some extent. You can watch it here and see the making of below.

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