Monday, 19 November 2012

Animation Production

Have not been as productive as I would have liked this weekend. Spent all day working in Asda on Saturday and have spent most of sunday making schedules (pre, prod, post), shot schedules for Orbit Strange and arrangements for mocap sessions for both Hook Line & Stinker and Infinitus Articifium on Tuesday witch will be tricky. At the moment I am most excited about Orbit Strange as we have ideas that go beyond a short film the other two feel like mountains but I know we can do it.

On Thursday I agreed with Seb he would be the producer and I would work under him but i'm thinking that was possibly my dumbest move of 2012 so far especially after some of the chats i've had with Helen Brunsdon about it. I think one of the reasons I let him have it is because I have a lot on my plate taking on two projects never mind three. Will have to have a chat with them on Monday.

I was thinking the other day that both the pitch and animatic sweatbox should have come way earlier. by this time we should really be in our final teams but I feel all the projects are spread thin 

I found out about this man called Kevin Geiger who I am trying to get in touch with. His career is something to aspire to. He currently works for a division of Walt Disney over in China and is consulting animation companies over there too.

Also my twin sister sent me a link to this on twitter. It made my day.

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