Thursday, 15 November 2012

Producing & Co-Producing

I am now producing Tom Hughes Orbit Strange, Lauren Jansons Infinitus Artificuium and Hook Line & Stinker, the brain child of Freddy, Luke and Seb. Below are the recruitment list for each project.
I had a chat with Helen Brunsdon today about developing Little Loud as a series alongside my final year projects. If I can take my time throughout the year to turn it into a pitch bible  then when I graduate I can send it to several studios.
This weekend will be busy as I am working early Friday and all day Saturday so I will have to do most of my work tonight and late Friday night. Wish me luck.

Orbit Strange:
Helen was pleased with Orbit Strange animatic and did not say much. This is good and but I wanted a bit more direction. I guess we will see what she says next week. All the really mentioned was that

To Do For Monday: 
Omari: Schedule, Shot Signoff list, prop list (already started these!), aslo recruit for animation tests
Tom: refine Storyboards based on feedback, draw high res closeups
Sam: refine Animatic based on Toms direction, add shot number and length to each shot
Potentials to recruit: Perry Hall, Laura Normansel, Kylie Burrell  We need to pull in these guys next week to get some animation test done.

Little Loud schedule being adapted for Orbit Strange 2D/ 3D mashup. (Colourful I know.)
Orbit Strange Animatic Version 1
Storyboards by Tom Hughes, Animatic by Sam Ellery

Infinitus Articifuim:
We have a mocap session tomorrow with Jens. I am bring Seb (Hook Line & Stinker) along to encourage him to use mocap for the 3D previz as it will be faster.

To Do for Monday:
Laure: continues to work up the animatic (see below) adding extra frames
Omari: Schedule, Shot Signoff list, prop list (I have made templates from other projects.)
Stu: clean up mocap data shots
Dave: model and male and female character, give to teddy for rigging (to be rigged by thursday?)
Softimage/ XSI TDs (2nd yrs): get used to interface, render test for next week thursday aiming for ink and smoke

Hook Line & Sinker:
Only the 1st acts of the animatic was shown today because thats all that was complete. They will be cutting it down and getting start into the story.

To Do For Monday:
Freddy & Sash: character models made of clay or foam board
Freddy: Animatic
Luke: boat concept interior/ exterior, give to Michale for modelling
Omari & Seb: schedules, we have already done shot list/ schedule
Omari: finish the model of the son!!!

Little Loud Development:

I just saw this MTV Dream Big 20s ident on vimeo. I really like the way the shadows have this smokey, fluid look to their movements. I may adopt this into the design and transitions of Loud throughout the series. Along with thats the post production effects really caught my attention; chromatic aberration around the edges of the shadow, soft edge shadows as well as light leaks and lens effects.

After watching this film a few times I started doing a few sketches. yes I know I need to buy a sketch book and stop using animation paper. I think im on to something with the smokey look for the shadow but it needs a lot of development.

Looking at the screenshot from the MTV spot.
Trying to work out body proportions has been tricky. I spent way to much time on her head shape and hair.
I think facial expressions will be my next trick once I have the body down.

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