Sunday, 11 November 2012

Little Loud Stops Production

I met Andy, Georg and Derek on Friday morning at 10am in the animation studio. I met them early because I had to work in Asda from 11 - 5 and would miss the 2pm session. They sat me done and asked me about how I felt the pitches went. Personally I thought the pitch went well but in the slides I should have dedicated a single page to each of phoebe's concepts Andy, Georg and Derek sais that helen will have a load of notes for me but the genreal ideas is that I should develop it as a series Its seems it was the story that sold me short in the end. They could not see how it would work. I honestly think if I had shown then storyboards/ animatics sooner I could have sold some of the gags but it is difficult for me to stand in front of people and be funny. Obviously I am gutted. I feel like I have just wasted the past 6 weeks of my life developing something that will never see the light of day so excuse me if I sound a little bitter. It wil pass. And I will probably edit this post to sound less so. I still have yet to email Fraser McClean (consulting storyboard/ layout artist) and Melanie Coombs (consulting producer/ mentor) and I know what they will say. They will tell me to make it anyway regardless.

I plan to develop it throughout the year and approach Cartoon Network and CBBC with the show when I graduate.

The following is pretty much all the work that had been done on little loud that I can show visually.

101 Dalmatians Mood Board
Jon Klassen Mood Board (plus Up and Monsters Inc Screenshot)
Living room Maya mockup
Living room Maya mockup (reverse angle)

Living Room Concepts: (Phoebe Herring did all of the following concepts unless otherwise stated.)

Kitchen Layout:

Kitchen Conceps: (Phoebe Herring did all of the following concepts unless otherwise stated.)

Bedroom Concept: (Phoebe Herring did all of the following concepts unless otherwise stated.)

Pitch Document:
Pitch Bible:


I am producing Tom Hughes Orbit Strange project.
Title: Orbit Strage
Length: 2 - 3mins
Format: 2D & 3D CGI (floating/ orbiting objects)
Software: Toon Boom/ Maya
Production Team:
Dir: Tom Hughes
Prod: Omari McCarthy
Script Writer: Perry Hall
Character turnarounds/ expressions:
Environment blueprints/ cam positions:
Story/ Layout: Tom Hughes
Animatic: Tom Hughes, Sam Ellery
Voice Actors:
Lead Anim: Tom,
Animators: Sam, Alice, Lydia, Lee,
3D CGI/ Toom Boom : Teddy

I am also still producing Lauren Jansons' Infitus Artificium (IA) project.
Title: Infitus Artificium (IA)
Length: 2 - 3mins
Format: 2D Digital & 3D CGI (motion capture/ particle simulation)
Software: Maya, Motion Builder, Softimage/ XSI; ICE, Lagoa
Production Team:
Dir: Lauren Jansons
Prod: Omari McCarthy
Choreographer: Katie
Dancer: Kassa, Emily
Character Modeller: Dave McDonald
Character Rigger: Ted Whitehead
Consulting Mocap Co-Ordinaor: Jens Milner
Motion Capture/ Animator: Stu Whitten
XSI TD's (Particles): Omari McCarthy, Ted Whitehead, Sean Bone, Adam Wint, Alex Watkins
Nuke Compositors:

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