Thursday, 8 November 2012

Pitch Document & Pitch Presentation

Just in case you missed it here is the pitch I did for Little Loud today (ill post the pitch doc after). 
The logo for little Loud was designed by Tom Hughes and the background and main concepts were by Phoebe Herring. I purposely put more time into pitching the characters than the story as I have stronger characters than a narrative at the moment. Go easy on me as I spend Tuesday and Wednesday night pacing up a down my room reciting this like a crackhead so this is best i've got. Enjoy.

"Hi my name is Omari McCarthy and the short film I’m going to pitch to you today is called Little Loud.  Little Loud is a 4 minute 3 to 4 minute 3D CGI animated short for 7 and overs. At its core Little Loud is about the relationship between a good little girl and her big bad shadow."

"The short film revolves the life of Little.  Little is an average, obedient 8-year-old girl. As the only child of her workaholic parents, she is often left to her own amusement and keep herself to herself. But she has a secret… her shadow is a living, breathing and uncontrollable monster called Loud..."

{About the character Loud:}
"Loud is the oppose of Little in almost every way. Although Loud is scary, mischievous and unpredictable Loud also has big heart and can also be charming and sweet when needs must.
Loud finds it difficult to distinguish between right and wrong, always seems to have a hidden motive and enjoys playing practical jokes on Little and others such as pretending to be other people’s shadows.

{then on to the relationshop between Little & Loud}
"White Little is good by nature and has a strong sense of right from wrong Loud is naught by nature. But what they have in common is their love of food, more specifically their love of chocolate cake.

"Together they are a classic comedy double act, reminiscent of a sibling rivalry with their conflict serving as the main source of humor throughout the short.

"Loud does the things Little wishes she could do but would get in trouble for. That’s what makes them so fun to watch. Little desperately tries to be good but Loud is forever getting little into trouble but as much as Loud causes Little stress she would not have it any other way and loves having Loud to play with when no one else is around

{then on to the story}
"Our story begins on her fathers 40th birthday, during a thunderstorm, when Little and Loud decide to play a game of hide and seek. But things quickly spiral out of control when Loud spots her fathers chocolate cake which is coincidentally just happen to be their favorite food. Can Little resist her favorite food and tame her shadow all before her mother come back from the supermarket?

In the end little loud is a story of brain vs braun and friendship. Little’s struggle must use her intelligence to outsmart the brute strength of Loud."

"The style of little loud has been inspired by visual development artists Jon Klassen, more specifically his work on Coraline.  It was his their work that resonated with us and the world of our story the most. We felt adopting this illustrative line work, limited color palette and hard lighting would be the best way to tell this story. Although Little Loud is 3D CGI 2D compositing techniques will be used to achieve the illustrated look in postproduction."

"Thats all from me, thanks for listening. Are there any questions...?" *big smile* / *applause*
I cant remember the specific questions I was asked but did take some notes:
  • Develop final piece of concept art that should look like a still from the movie.
  • The resolution of the short needs to feel bigger and 
  • Re-consider the target audience as aspirational character are best to aim for

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  1. best post on ur blog so clear i understood everything the colours u chose r bbbeeeeaautiful an what a pretty little character, little loud what a genius title. i reli want to watch it c how she defeats her shadow!! wow gr8 concept and i love the chocolate cake part`!!!