Thursday, 10 January 2013

3rd Year/ 2nd Term 2013

Happy New Year, Merry Christmas and all that stuff.

So week 15 comes to a close and I have not posted in a while so I thought I would update you...

I was kind of disappointed to walk into the studio on Monday (7th Jan) morning and only find a few students in. I assumed it would be full. I think a lot of people have put 100% of their time into the dissertation. It sounds a little crude but my main focus will be animation production work on our Final major Projects. Not just because im involved in more than one but long story short... thats whats going to get me a job. Nuff said.

Orbit Strange:
We have a solid act one (opening 30 seconds), act two is coming along. Tom is currently working on the animatic and

Hook, Line & Stinker:
I have a lot of little changes to make to the Son model. Admittedly is should have been finished over the Christmas break but most of my time was put into dissertation. We had a great feedback session with Georg on Wednesday and asa result there have been changes to a lot of things as well as the story. Its annoying for these things to come so late in the production process but having read several book on producing and production design these changes are not uncommon and even necessary if the end result is going to be good. I have Ryan Jones confirmed to do sound design but I am chasing up several people who run the Falmouth Sea Shanty Festival in June to get in touch the bands they are very busy so I will chase them up again on monday. I am slo trying to find voice actors for the Fisherman someone with a strong cornish accent, for not I have left this Freddy, Seb & Luke but next week I will get on it myself. We have enough production challenges to solve as it is without them worrying about voice actors.

Infinitus Artificium:
Mocap session was arranged for this Saturday 12th  and Sunday 14th. Unfortunately Grace, our female dancer, has an injury and will not be able to perform in the mocap session. Luckily our choreographer katie is stepping in to dance with Kassam, our male dancer.  I am in the midel of arranging a meeting the Composer, Nikki Swan, and the rest of the musicians so we can all hear the music. I had them play a live snippet for me last term the music sounds beautiful and got me really excited about the project again. I am chasing up Michal Toporcer, Adam Wint, Sean Bone and Alex Barnes about using the geometry to drive a particle simulation.  On monday myself and Amber Hyde will be shooting practical assets of charcoal and to help with the composite. I figure we may as well build a library of assets sooner than later. if we need to record more then we can. Amber is also helping out with the edit as well as

Problems anticipated this term...
No one can commit 100% to any of the projects until after January 25th.
Out dissertation deadline is aslo  which is January 25th.
Our 50% project hand in is January 25th.
We have too many projects and not enough students to stretch across.
So yeah. First week back of 2013. No pressure... None at all. ;)

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