Thursday, 17 January 2013

Animation Production: End of Week 16

Infinitus Artificium (IA) is going well and I am really pleased with even through we have a steep hill to climb. We had a great mocap session on Sunday. I booked it with Jens Meisner for Sunday January 13th 2013 10:30am - 17:00pm. Unfortunately Grace injured herself last week and was unable to perform but fortunately out choreographer Katie was more than up to the job as she composed the piece. I also arranged to meet with our composer Nikki on Thursday 17th to discuss some issues about the musicians falling out. By the time we met she had found replacements and arranged a rehearsal  meeting with the musicians on next week. Brilliant so not we are back on track.  Below is a short video Stu Witten made of our mocap process.

Hook Line & Stinker (HLS) we have scheduled regular Monday morning as a core team and Wednesday mornings with George for any troubleshooting. Meetings are great but getting people to attend is another issue. I have not seen several member of the teams for over a week along with some of the 2nd year students. I understand they have other work to but I cannot afford that luxury because I need to be the driving force behind the project if i stop working I can see things coming to a halt.

Josh Bainbridge was nice enough to send me a link to some brilliant lighting tutorials by Francesco Giroldini that will come is very useful for HLS. When I have some spear time I will have to go over them as I want to be a little more involved with the lighting and compositing.

I am still working on the production schedule. Its weekly and covers the entire 32 weeks. Now that the project is in steroscopic 3D (something which I mentioned early in first term but was shunned) I will have to add stereoscopic tests and schedule time/ location to analyse stereo movie. i have already done this but I can't really book anything until I know the availability of the team post- dissertation hand in.

Character Model
Character Model By Omari McCarthy

Boat Concept Artwork by Phoebe Herring

Hook, Line & Stinker 32 Week Production Schedule

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