Tuesday, 9 October 2012

I have been thinking about pitching today while working on my dissertation. I still have my notes from the Creative Business of Producing Animation course that I ill go over. I am just trying to make everything simple.

I am currently living with "Matt Mario" was in third year of Digital Animation when I was in first year.
I told him I was worried about third years becoming "show reel orientated" instead of "project orientated" towards the end of the year.  He gave me some advice and it was to basically identify what people want from each project at the start of it so you can assign them the roles most beneficial to them. Thats their incentive to get the project finished and to make sure the person before them does the job to a good enough standard.

I have been trying to anticipate a lot of the questions that will come up during the practice and final pitches over these next few weeks. These are some of the questions I am trying to answer:
Why Animation?
What is your estimated budget?
What existing shows is your series like?
Where do you see the series going in the future?

Interesting links on Producing/ Business:

I have also had a chat with Lauren Jansons and Sophie Graham about our final major show exhibition. All of the previous Digital Animation final major shows have been terrible and our needs to be something much better. We spoke about using a high tech room in the AIR Building as it would allow us to show our work and make use of the digital space. Myself and Lauren also spoke about having Ryan Woodward come to Falmouth to give a guest lecture sometime this year.

maya shadows render

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an animated series called little loud
to simplify its about a good little girl with a big bad shadow
its mona the vampire meets the goonies
we follow a trio of kids who fight the supernatural creatures that exist in their town unseen by the adults.
at the core of the series is her relationship with her shadow, and by extent herself

the reason kids will love the show is because her shadow does all the things kids wish they could do but would get in trouble for. The shadow represents that part
edgy, sophisticates humour, witty engaging,

... but with enough pop culture references to keep older audiences chuckling...

the visual style is a throw back to the classic 80's horror

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