Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Litte Loud: Script & Visual Style

I missed my DSA meeting with Gail Theobald today sat 09:00am o I was unable to move this forward on my dissertation. I have managed to push it back to tomorrow at 12:00pm instead.

I also received an email from Kathy. She sent me a link to this CGI animation called Musicotherapie because she liked the use of space combined with the 2D quite graphic looking style. I have no idea what its about but I like the look of it.  She also sent me a link to Aurelie Guillerey's Flikr stream who's work looks like "a 1960's illustrator" and has a lovely quality to it but I don't know if that is the feel of the show. I will have to run it by Pheobe, Hedi and Stu for a second opinion. She also directed me to the work of another French illustrator Jeremiah Decalf for his use of light acknowledging that not all of his work is practical for animation. Dutch illustrator and  Coraline's Visual Development Artists Jon Klassen work caught my attention and I was able to find some more of the Coraline Pre- Production Artwork which is incredible.

I had the chance to pitch my idea to Derek today. He seems to really like the idea and the fact I was able to sum it up so simply. He wants me to consider not making the pilot about the origin story. He suggested creating a title sequence to sum up the origins of the shadow in about 30 seconds to 1 minute and then jumping strait into it. He also felt that the girl and the shadow was one story and their adventures in catching shadows was another show entirely. I will have to have a think about all of this. For now I said I would get a script to him tonight and asked him to send me some ideas for a visual style. When I showed Derek the above artwork he said it reminded him of 101 Dalmations for which I was able to find the (101 Dalmatians) Pre-Production Artwork for.

I have been putting a lot thought into the production process. I am working on story before moving into storyboards as of next week while I have small pre-production team working on visual style. I email Georg about modelling and rigging at the same time to speed up the process as we may as well start testing this as soon as possible.

visual style


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