Monday, 8 October 2012

Little Loud Script & Dissertation Lecture

I got im around 10am today and got on with the script for Little Loud. I am using a free script writing program called Celtx which is pretty good. The story is getting there I am hoping to send out a draft late tonight to the lecturers for them to read before Thursday so I can hopefully pitch on Thursday with a better idea in mind for the story to the rest of the class. Scriptwriting is actually quite enjoyable when you have your story planned out otherwise you are literally starring at a blank screen.

I have also been looking for others to join the pre-production team. Over the weekend I contacted Freddy and Lee to do some pre-production work for me. I had a chat with Freddy this morning and he can't commit to my project as he has enough on his plate which his own project which is understandable. Later in the day I bumped into Amber who was more than happy to do some pre-production work along with Lee who will help out with environments. I didn't have the chance to

In the afternoon we had Anne Owen's dissertation lecture. The essence of it is that we need to plan. To be fair I have a plan for my final major project, Little Loud, but I have not planned out the dissertation. But the lecture enabled me to make a plan of action for the following few weeks.

I am going to spend the rest of the night planning out the dissertation time table for me to follow and finishing the script.

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